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Our Building Process It's All About You

Finding the perfect builder for your dream home can be an amazing discovery. But will it be your dream home, or theirs? At Dostie Homes, it’s not about us – it’s about you, the client. While we pride ourselves on being one of the finest luxury home builders in Northeast Florida, we take even more pride in building you and your family a home you can cherish for many years, if not a lifetime. Whether this is your first home-building experience or not, the Dostie Team is here to help you achieve each and every detail of the next chapter for you and your family. 

We have a variety of styles and plans that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your family. Before construction can begin, Dostie Homes will walk the new home owners through a pre-construction process, a progression which typically takes about three months to complete. During the pre-contract determinations, one of the first things to establish will be identifying which plan and lot best meet the individual needs of the new homeowner(s). Once the lot and basic plan have been established, the purchase and sales agreements are executed and the homeowner finalizes funding.

During the administrative process that follows, a plan review with the home owner will define any changes needed to the original floor plan, and a meeting will be held to determine interior and exterior finishes and colors. Any changes and potential upgrades will be approved by all parties before moving forward with the construction process. Once all parties are in agreement, updated plans are cross-checked with any applicable addendems to verify accuracy and conformity before being submitted for permit approvals.

Once these details have been established, the plans are submitted for truss and structural engineering approval. During this authorization process, plans are sent to the appropriate Community Review Board for community-specific approval, and heating and air conditioning calculations are made. Any necessary plan or selection changes will be made at this time.

After the truss and structural engineering have been approved, and all plans have been approved by the new homeowner(s) and community organizations, all required documentation is submitted to the appropriate governing agency for permitting. Once the permit package is received, all documentation will again be reviewed for accuracy and conformity. Finally, the package will be issued to a Dostie Homes field crew and construction will begin. 

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